I hope that some of the articles on my blog will help you make money online and achieve financial independence so I’m not going to use this single post to show you how.

Instead, I’m launching the new category on my website called interesting photos (I’m sure it will change it’s name in due course :))

Here is my first ever photo in this category as I was drinking coffee at my favourite local. An affluent looking gentlemen in his 50’s casually parks his easily $100k+ bimmer in clearly marked no-stopping zone.

care about money

Why worry, if he gets booked, he doesn’t get any demerit points, he only has to pay a fine, piece of cake! Now, no stopping areas are there for a reason, but I look at it from a different perspective – why not if you can!

What do you think?

Update on Friday 8 Feb ’13. Well, this person got caught in ‘no stopping’ – busted!

dont care about money

ps. Must have something to do with BMW’s



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