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You know a pyramid/ponzi/scam when you see one – I got a text message today that read “Learn how a 60yo made $2.9Million in 1 Sale!”. Now, it is possible that some people have made money on whatever this one promises including the mob who started the whole scheme that’s for sure. However that is the very definition of ponzi – it only works while there are enough people joining it, however once there are no new fools falling for it, it crumbles like a house of cards – it always does.

This particular one lead me to a website titled ‘2014 hottest system for unlimited online income’ – now that is one promise that supports the saying ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’. ‘Unlimited income!!’ – crazy yet people do get sucked in oh yeah you better believe it.

This ponzi scheme has another ingredient, a key word – that makes it complete and it is: real estate. In this case it’s ‘trading virtual realestate’. They never seem to stop conning people with realestate ‘investment’ and quite a few have learned it the hard way.

Anyway, needless to say – avoid this and similar ‘get rich quick’ schemes like a plague. I promptly replied ‘no’ to that number.

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