Most SEO analysts have a common prediction: this year isn’t going to be easy for the majority of the SEO community. If you’ve been repeatedly devastated by Google’s algorithm changes, then this prediction should no longer surprise you. You know it’s going to take more than your usual set of ammunition. You know you need to stay away from your dependence on black hat SEO. What you need is a well-thought out SEO strategy that does not compromise your brand.

The word about SEO’s death has spread like wild fire. Is there truth behind this statement? Most SEO analysts and experts beg to disagree. The year of 2013 won’t showcase the death of SEO, but rather that change of direction in terms of determining website rankings. Unlike previous years, this year’s SEO will represent a massive popularity contest: websites with a massive following and have solid support from users are seen to win the tight race to the top of SERPs.

Two of the greatest SEO predictions this year include the farewell of black hat SEO and the presence of blog commenting and social media.

According to AussieWeb’s Monte Huebsch, the inevitable termination of black hat SEO will come into play once Google starts putting more emphasis on site popularity. This popularity-based metric for rankings will finally set aside shady optimization tactics and render them irrelevant to the SEO context. Huebsch further stated that backlinking, cloaking and other black hat SEO methods which violated Google’s guidelines will no longer yield the same results.

It cannot be denied that blog commenting and social media will permeate this year’s SEO context. Most analysts say that reaching out to peers and users will be key to effective reputation management this year.

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