Air ConditioningToday’s a/c solutions can be grouped into 4 areas being ducted, split system, commercial and portable systems. All of these will provide room occupants with an even temperature and clean fresh air irrespective of the external weather conditions. As the most suitable humidity level for humans is around 50% mark, all of these units strive to minimise the humidity levels to around this level.

The main purpose of all air conditioning units (click here for more) is to improve air properties such as humidity, air quality and temperature. Although the technology has changed from the old method of running water down the bendy strips of can to today’s air conditioning reverse cycle technology, as far as the configuration of these devices is concerned, there are 4 major types.

The same way a human heart is a key organ in our bodies, heat pump is the central part of every air con system. Temperature control process comprises of an external air flowing across the cool liquid. This refrigerant’s main function is to absorb the heat from the surrounding air in turn cooling it. As that heat collected from the room air, it has to be released outside. This is sent to the outdoor heat exchanger via the compressor unit.

Split system air conditioners are possibly the most common installation seen especially in people’s homes. As the name suggests, these systems are split into 2 units, the outdoor heat exchanger and the evaporative fan coil. These come in 2 variants, the cooling only systems or more advanced reverse cycle heating and cooling devices.

For Sydney large homes, ducted air conditioners are more suitable, provided a bigger budget as these cost thousands of dollars. Higher cost is justified as ducted systems provide a comprehensive comfort throughout the whole house. Larger and multiple areas are cooled quicker as the air is pumped by the fan coil normally placed in the roof area. Most modern ducted a/c systems allow you to partition your home into zones, giving you yet more control over the humidity and temperature in your home.

Alternative solution to home cooling is by use of portable air conditioners. These are stand alone units that as the name suggests, can be transported between different arias in the house. These are most suitable for smaller living units and apartments and are fairly inexpensive.

Commercial air conditioners have their fan coils and other components placed on the roofs from where the conditioned air is pumped down the system of ducts. These are used in larger installations, most commonly in schools, shopping centres and office buildings.

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