Do you feel like we get bombarded with the ‘latest research’ showing we should be eating one type of food and not the others and also exercise a certain way compared to the common knowledge or fallacies? Of course, we all have heard of new diet plans that are ‘simple and easy’ and will have you lose weight quickly etc etc and goes on and on.

Atkins diet – go crazy on meat and not much of anything else, paleo – only raw and unprocessed; how about ‘everything in moderation’? The later statement or should I say the excuse is exactly that. What does that even mean, ‘eat EVERYTHING in moderation’ – yeah good luck with that. So it happens that people who haven’t achieved their optimal metabolic state (ever) seem to use that expression.

  1. Instead of going into the nuts and bolts of what I have found to work for me, here is the video that changed my life completely in 2 most important ways:
    what should I eat that is easy to follow and
  2. how do I train without spending massive amounts of time at the gym and achieve best possible results

It’s a longish presentation, get popcorn (or don’t!) and enjoy it one night – much better than game of thrones as far as value I promise you.

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