How is Martin Armstrong able to predict the capital movements and various investment classes moving up and down in value? He attributes this success to what he calls a discovery rather than crediting this to his invention. He claims that he had discovered the business cycle that exists not just in nature but also in economics and for the purpose of this blog post in property.

Judge it for yourself however he’s been very accurate in his prognosis via his computer model and so far they’ve come to be true. Long cycle in property seems to last 78 years with 52 years of escalating trend and 26 years of decline. The turning point according to his model shows to be 2015 and what do you know the property has turned down even in the ‘hottest’ of all markets such is Sydney, Australia.

If you’re going to read one article for Australian property, please read this:

Australian Property in Crash Mode? Is It a Crime to Buy Australian Property?

What’s happening to property prices where you are, is the greatest property bull run over?

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