ideas-executionWe’ve all heard our friends, family, colleagues and sometimes complete strangers talk about their great business ideas to make it big in this world. I can certainly relate to that by just recollecting my next door neighbour’s ideas – but that’s a different story all together :).

Remembering that some of the most brilliant ideas that became world-wide successes were initially thought of as too far out of the square and were described as something that would never succeed – I must say that a few of my neighbour’s ideas had potential to succeed.

I was even asked to provide a quote for a new website and marketing on the internet of the same. Needless to say that although I would think my proposals were very reasonable, none of these were accepted. Nothing to do with the proposals, the simple problem was that my neighbour never followed through with his ideas.

This brings us the most important ingredient of every business venture and idea. Business community and potential customers will judge you by your ability to EXECUTE your ideas and deliver the product that will solve people’s problems and needs.

Before executing a particular idea, it is important to do your research finding out how likely it is that your idea will be unique enough and how likely is it to be of such quality to have people want to pay for it.

Taking a step back and looking into a mirror is also an essential initial step. Realise your strengths and weaknesses and instead of trying to improve on your weaknesses, concentrate on your talents and bet all on those.

Ask yourself if you’d be a better employee (a follower) or a business owner (a doer and a leader). There is nothing wrong with getting a job that provides a steady income – having been on both sides of the fence, let me tell you that there are benefits of both!

If you end up having your own gig then I would recommend taking the option of being completely authentic, being yourself. While working for a corporation will most likely require you wear some sort of a uniform or a suit, working for yourself will allow you to be authentic.

So keeping it simple stupid (KISS principle) the work flow would have to look something similar to this: idea –> market research –> all in toward the final goal by consistent execution!

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