One way that Google measures relevancy and authority of a certain website is what’s known as Page Rank (PR). Although every single PAGE of every website out there is ranked using this measure, the word Page comes from the name one of Google’s founders Larry Page! But, is it here to stay?

Matt Cutts is a head of Google’s anti-spam team that as the name suggests basically ensures that search engine results are not littered with garbage. Spam used to be all over search engine results pages (SERP) but not any more as this giant search engine has curtailed that to a great extent – good on them.

Now, Matt posts regular videos answering questions from webmaster all around the world and the latest question was:

Why don’t you switch off the PageRank Toolbar feature? It is widely used by link sellers as a link grading system. Why do you continue to display PageRank publicly? It appears to have little relevance, except to spammers.
Danielroofer (aka Daniel Weadley), Camberley, Surrey, UK

I was a little surprised with part of Matt’s answer particularly relating to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer support for Google tool bar and page rank. See here’s what he says.

What do you think, PageRank here to stay or go?

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