Make Money BloggingI’ve now had my own blog up and running fully for about – a month! I invested a rather small amount of money and a large amount of time figuring out how to make money blogging. I wouldn’t have started my blog if a. I didn’t like doing it and b. I didn’t see how you can monetise my blog. I now what to share my insights with everyone in a form of 8 steps to successful blogging.

Some of the more experienced and proven bloggers enjoy a good lifestyle by travelling, meeting people and regularly speaking at online marketing and other industry events. So, let’s see what it takes to be a successful blogger. Bear in mind that to succeed you will have to follow these ‘small’ steps consistently over a period of time. You must never be passive, continue to try different methods and never stop to challenge the status quo.

  1. Identify who your audience is. Create these avatars and ask yourself what those people would want to see in your blog.
  2. Content. The content you produce be it a video, audio or a written article needs to be unique and engaging while solving people’s problems. Always think about how you can bring value to your audience.
  3. Create a community and promote your blog. Engage your readers, ask them questions, look after your audience. Best way to promote your blog is by getting off your blog and joining other communities and blogs and engaging with them. Bring value to other blogs by writing guest articles and commenting on other content.
  4. Treat your blog as a business. Create a deadline by which time you would have to become a full time blogger. That day will mean that your blog is your business. Whatever whatever you want your blog to be in 6 months for example – set that as your goal. Spend 20 minutes every day figuring out how to monetise your blog.
  5. Use email marketing. One of your main objectives should be to have your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Emails build traffic, profit, grow a community and builds a brand. There is lot of information out there why you must build your own list. The reason #1 was right there, it is YOUR list unlike other sources of web traffic.
  6. Use subscribe pop-up box. You may think it’s annoying however if you set it up that it happens after say 30 seconds once the visitor is already engaged with your content it will increase your subscription rate dramatically.
  7. Create a product of your own to sell on your blog. An e-book is a good example. You can use the existing content on your site, commission some of the chapters if you need to, set up your payment system, cart and all and away you go. Other examples are video e-course, software or anything else that your audience may be interested in.
  8. Inform, inspire and interact. You’d be amazed how many people are actually looking for more than just information and news. They want to be inspired and also to be heard which is where the interaction comes to light. Inspire people first and then drive them to the information once they’ve become inspired and interested. Videos and photos are great for this.

What do you think, have I left anything out?

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2 Responses to Confirmed: You Can Make Money Blogging And Here is How!

  1. Great advice here Dario!

    My advice to anyone that is thinking about starting a blog is to JUST DO IT! Don’t think too much about the end result if that’s going to overwhelm you. Simply start by registering your domain, securing your web hosting account and getting WordPress installed on it.

    That’s the hardest part! Everything after that is easy 😉

    By the way, for a guy that just started his blog a month ago, you’re doing an awesome job Dario.

    • Thanks John, appreciate it! Had a friend who wanted to start blogging and she said: ‘I’ll write some posts and see what others think about it before posting’ and I said: ‘No, write it to the best of your current ability and post it. So – Just do it is spot on!

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