Small businesses who always relied on Google ranking results for their online presence have been affected a great deal with the recent update of Google Penguin. Google brought in many changes on the Penguin update with the intention of punishing web pages that used black hat SEO techniques and keyword stuffing for a better page ranking.

To put it in simple words, the Penguin update targets the website optimization techniques which were widely employed in the past decade like getting paid links and spinning and distributing articles to enhance website position on the search engine page rank results. So web pages that used all this suffered heavily as the Penguin update caused a slump in their ranking.

All this has caused a decline in sales of small businesses which used to follow these unconventional practices to seek a better search engine ranking. However these businesses cannot react to these Penguin update modifications as many of them lack immediate funds and support to make these changes.

Then again, businesses can deal with the issue if their search engine optimization is based on employing only quality content. Their SEO must not consist of key phrase stuffing and the SEO services they appoint ought to strictly follow Google’s quality guidelines.

Basically, small businesses must not think that they ought to get as many backlinks and content possible for a better ranking on the search engine results. Instead, they should concentrate on using a public relations approach and use unique content like press releases and visitor blogging. The other alternatives they have include using social media campaigns as well as multichannel options like referrals and CPM advertising to get a better page ranking.

Despite these Google Penguin update impact on small business companies, the update was a huge success. This Penguin algorithm was applied with the intent of reducing web spam wherein websites got a higher search results ranking than they really deserved through misleading the search engines.

These sites that were affected have been spamming for some time now. But the websites that have always used ethical SEO techniques can now finally attain their deserved high search engine ranking thanks to the Penguin update.

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One Response to Google Penguin Update – How It Can Affect Small Business SEO

  1. Jose Condes says:

    I really agree, one of the most affected websites by the Google Penguin updates are the small businesses that are starting to grow. They don’t even know how and why, just because their SEO contractors provided a spammy approach. The sad thing here is they’re the one who suffer most.

    Great insights about Google Penguin update.. thanks!

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