Today, search engine optimization plays a very important role in the success of a product or website. Individuals across the world looking for any kind of product or service take the aid of search engines to find what they need. With the right SEO tools and techniques, it is easily possible to make a particular product or service stand out among its competitors.

Early search engine ranking algorithms were simple and straightforward; websites with a large number of references and backlinks on the internet would appear higher up on search results than those with fewer links. Early SEO techniques were therefore simple as well, and it was possible for individuals to create ‘link farms’ and scatter links all over the internet to easily push their websites to the top of search engine results quickly.

However, today, search engines make use of advanced algorithms that take a large number of factors into consideration while ranking web pages. Though the number of backlinks and references to a web page continue to be factors that play an important role in the ranking of the page in search results, search engines have become sensitive to how organic these backlinks and references are.

Of all of these techniques, it has been found through dedicated research that link-building and backlinking continue to be the most important and significant contributors to the popularity and ranking of a web page on search results. However, building links and providing backlinks is not a very easy job.

To aid individuals optimize their websites for better ranking in search results, there are a large number of SEO tools and software suites. These programs automate several aspects of the SEO processes that are used today. However, these programs are limited in terms of intelligence, and cannot perform beyond a certain set of limitations when it comes to originality of content and posting it in various websites on the internet.

With a set of advanced features and functions, this tool is excellent for search engine optimization. The GSA Search Engine Ranker offers a number of features that set it apart from other competing products. First of all, the tool is capable of generating a large number of backlinks to a specified set of pages continuously, without having to refer to a database of any kind.

The GSA Search Engine Ranker tool is capable of building backlinks and scattering them across the internet on a number of websites, depending on a set of pre-defined rules specified by the individual running the software suite. It can handle Captcha codes for verification on various websites. The tool is capable of generating backlinks 24 hours a day, without having to refer to databases or any other kind of information.

While running the tool, it is possible to not only specify the keywords to be posted and the kind of websites to post to, but also allow the tool to automatically identify and make posts in high-ranked websites. Individuals who purchase this particular tool are entitled to a lifetime license and lifetime updates for the software suite.

Some of the other notable features of the tool include: * An extendable script engine for advanced users * Non-stop backlink creation * Automatic detection of sites related to specified keywords * Automatic verification of posted content * Support for over 100 different platforms

The above mentioned features and functionalities of the GSA Search Engine Ranker tool set it apart from other similar SEO suites. With the ability to generate original content, offer ‘human’ verification by entering Captcha codes correctly and later even verifying the content posted to various websites according to the specified rules, this tool is extremely powerful. Touted to function after the user has filled just three fields as an initial requirement, the tool is extremely easy to use as well.

The writer is a serious owner of Gsa Search engine optimization tools and goes over the best way to implement automated backlink building solutions at his web-site.

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