long-tail-keyword-seoAs we look at different techniques (all white-hat, legal and Google friendly) to future proof your website against all new algorithmic updates, we arrive at what’s called a long tail SEO.

In a nutshell, long tail would be a collection of multiple worded phrases that don’t necessarily have a high search volume individually but when put together can bring a steady stream of internet traffic to your website.

Internet search authority website SEOmoz.org estimate that 70% of your visitors could come from rankings generated from long tail keywords so it pays to perform due diligence on your keyword research.

A well known website that is particularly successful at ranking for many lower traffic keywords is Amazon.com. This goes hand in hand with Amazon’s strategy of selling few units of hundreds of thousands of different products instead of trying to sell 100s of thousands of fewer product.

I’ve already written the article on 4 rules of keyword research, so I would recommend using those exact techniques only concentrating on the long tail keywords which in general would be phrases containing 3 or more words in them.

And once you’ve found long tail keywords to target, the next step is to publish the right content for those keywords.

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