I was looking at ways to unfollow all Facebook friends in ONE simple step instead of going through it one by one.

Purpose for this would be so I only see posts that are coming from various pages I’m subscribed to such as news sites, blogs and personalities. After a web search top articles were Facebook help pages that pretty much said that this was not possible in one easy step – while I was not surprised that Facebook didn’t want you to be able to do this so easily I thought I’d look into this a little more and it did not take me very long to figure it out.

  1. While logged into Facebook, click on your own profile
  2. Very top right hand corner click on a little down arrow and select ‘News Feed Preferences’
  3. Now select ‘Unfollow people to hide their posts’
  4. Instead of default ‘All’ select ‘Friends only’ and then click away by selecting all your friends to unfollow in one step and then click Done.

This was very simple in the end, great little shortcut to unfollow all your Facebook friends at once so you don’t have to go and unfollow one by one.

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