I strongly believe that everybody should have a YouTube channel – it is the second biggest search engine in the world and it is one platform where it will reach out to people who are looking for that particular topic. This is different from expressing your opinions and sharing other posts on Facebook where your audience is your friends only who may or may not be interested in that specific topic.

Remember that under one Google account you can create as many channels as you want and I suggest you create one channel per topic. Example, one channel for your personal videos to share with family, another one where you make comments or deliver economical news and a different channel if you have other interests such as creating ‘how to’ videos.

However simple it sounds, it took me a while to find the way to create a new YouTube channel quickly.

  1. Log into Google.com and then go to YouTube.com
  2. In the top right hand corner click on your existing channel and then click the Gear icon
  3. Scrawl to the bottom and click on the link ‘See all my channels or create a new channel
  4. Now click on ‘Create a new channel’, give it a name and you’re done!

No fuss, that was a quick and easy way to create a new YouTube channel.

Next step is to make money with Google and monetize your YouTube channel.

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  1. fufa lamessa says:

    I want the member of new you tube

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