There is hardly a human in this world who has access to the internet that hasn’t watched a video on YouTube, funny cat videos or more serious things like news, interviews or documentaries. The question is how can anyone monetize their YouTube channel and start making additional income by getting paid by Google.

The answer is rather simple, go ahead and create a new YouTube channel, verify it by entering a valid mobile phone number and then monetize it. See my video I created to help you quickly monetize YouTube channel in minutes and get paid by Google.

  1. Create new YouTube channel
  2. Go to top right hand gear ‘settings’ icon
  3. Click on ‘View additional features’ link and select ‘Monetize my channel’
  4. Read the simple instructions and click on ‘Get started’

Now go and create some videos and you’ll be surprised how many people will be interested in the same things you are making videos about. So you will make money with Google while providing value to YouTube community.

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