You may have come across an article or YouTube video where they’re saying ‘buy gold’ and ‘buy silver’ and they specifically suggest you buy physical precious metals not ‘paper gold’. What does this mean? Although not advertised at all unlike constant ads for cars, fast food etc. here is how and where you can buy these precious metal.

Yes you do it at a bullion dealer. The most important thing is that you can

  1. lock in a price online, 24×7 365 days – so yes, you can take advantage of those price drops even if the bullion dealer isn’t open
  2. you can have it stored (for a fee), delivered or you can opt to pick it up once your order is ready for pick up

To see how it’s done and also my preferred dealer, please see this short video.

Disclaimer is that I am in no way associated or affiliated with this reputable bullion dealer located in Sydney CBD.

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