The same way the title meta-tag shows the searcher and the search engine what the website is all about in 60 characters or fewer, description meta-tag as its name suggests describes the searcher in more detail what this website or webpage is going to deliver.

This is your chance to further encourage someone searching for your product or service to click on your result link in the search engine results page (SERP) as opposed to your competitor’s website.

Google has recently made an announcement that it does not use the description tag in determining the website’s ranking, however your author believe description tag still counts toward the overall SEO score.

Follow these rules to ensure your description tag is liked by searchers as well as search engines.

  • Make it 156 characters or less in length and just as with the title tag, this includes spaces
  • Ensure that it also tells the searcher a little more about your website enticing them to click through to your website. Make sure that the resulting page does contain the information as promised
  • Try to include one or two keywords you are targeting for this page in the description tag and at the same time ensuring that this 1 or 2 sentence reads well and makes sense to humans and it is not only optimised for search engines.

Here is an example of a meta description tag that is under 156 characters:
Optimising your pages of your website are only the beginning of the journey of SERP domination. It is also the easier part of the process since it is normally done only once with possible future tweaks.

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