As the owner of the Internet marketing agency, I had to find the best way for my customers to get exposure to ever growing number of people searching for goods and services online. The advertising network would have to have a vast audience who was specifically looking for things that they have to offer.

By far the biggest online advertising platform on the Internet is Google’s AdWords platform. I could write a book (and many have been written) on this subject, instead let me tell you why I think AdWords is the by far the best delivery mechanism for you marketing message. Broad term for this type of advertising is Search Engine Marketing or SEM.

AdWords falls in the category of PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click) type networks where you pay-per-click. This means that every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount of money. The amount is determined by the competition on a given product or a topic and is calculated using an auction style algorithm – also too vast to be covered in this post.

So why is Google AdWords the best and quickest way to share your advertising message and get more customers to your business than any other platform? Put simply, it is because it has the most eye-balls on the planet and with Google’s continued improvements, it will serve you the most relevant ads.

Being the most popular and most used search engine in the world Google owns in excess of 85% of the search market which is why it has turned into a verb where people are Google-ing instead searching on the internet for things.

Simply, we’ve all gone this search engine’s home page and typed in a search query. What we got is relevant results that were either paid (in red below) or organic (blue below) results. Ideally as an advertiser, you would want to appear in both of those searches.

Google Search Results Page

Actual Google Search Results page

However, you can give your business an instant exposure by way of paid advertising. Seeing that Google basically owns the search engine world, you know that you will get plenty of eye balls when advertising for them.

Comparing this form of advertising with for example magazine or newspaper campaigns, we see that print banners will be shown to anyone who is reading it (not very targeted), however web advertising with AdWords search network will only be shown to the people actually searching for your product or service – you can see how this can be  powerful in gaining instant exposure.

Showing up in the natural search results takes time and specialised effort and should certainly be part of every business’s marketing strategy, however pay-per-click will produce instant results which is why it is the quickest way to gain customers. This is why I recommend starting off with PPC advertising first. You can start advertising by going to today and creating your own account today.

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