5 year planI watched this minute and a half video by Gary Vaynerchuk who I follow on all the possible platforms and like 99% of his videos it resonated with me. Why? Well, because just recently I had a chat with my manager and to his great credit he only asked me this question after being with the company for year and a half.

More importantly I couldn’t directly answer this question and here is why I (and Gary) think that’s absolutely fine.

My point is that I didn’t know my answer because I felt that 5 years in today’s world is a very long time and you couldn’t predict or plan per se that far ahead. Think where you were 5 years ago and think if you thought you’d be HERE in this exact spot now. My answer is ‘probably not’.

So how do I know where I SEE myself in 5 years time. The question implies that you want to be somewhere else, what if you’re happy where you are and what if this spot despite all the changes around you still seems to be the sweet-spot for you?

Watch what Gary Vaynerchuk has to say about that and once again, yes I absolutely agree.

Hint: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent species that survive but the ones most adaptable to change” ~ Charles Darwin

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  1. great new information for me, thank you, keep blogging… keep smiling.

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