With all the improvements our friends at major search engines are implementing on their algorithm (400 annually, they tell us), you must have knowledge of the most recent thinking on the subject of creating excellent content on your internet site. Whether it is a wordpress blog post, article or possibly a web page, ‘quality content’ implies something that gives advantages to an audience and it is search engine friendly.

Consequently, producing unique and engaging material will deliver a lot more new visitors to your website, however you will need to refrain from following pitfalls.

Keyword Stuffing

In the old days of SEO, you were previously able to rank well in the various search engines by repeating your perfect keyword and key phrase as much as possible throughout your piece of content. As all search engines like google and yahoo have become smarter presently this isn’t possible any more and may even land you in trouble.

Having said that, its fine to use your key phrases all through the wording as long as it makes sense to your actual readers. Remember, you are really making content for website visitors and not necessarily for search engines, with good content rankings will do the same. What’s the ideal so called keyword density? There isn’t any particular amount that can be assigned to it, most likely safe to stay under 4%.

Thin in addition to Copied Content

By thin website content I mean a short article, audio or video that lacks unique substance. You can rewrite someone else’s information however does it induce exceptional standpoint or anything new which the original post could possibly have ignored.

As far as copied content is concerned, it pertains to your own website too – you don’t want to have web pages on your website that have precisely the same material and this includes title and description meta tags. If you’re promoting comparable goods on your company site for instance, create a unique spin to all of them individually.

Irrelevant Title and Description Tags

Just the same way you want to own unique user generated content on each and every one of your pages, it is highly advisable to keep distinct title tag and description tags for each page inside your internet site. These tags need to have keyword phrases you happen to be focusing on but additionally should be relevant to the page content material.

This will certainly not only prevent confusing users as they will appear as snippets on search engine results page, it will in addition conform to search engine’s recommendations protecting against your site or blog from being penalised.

Utilising Flash and pictures

While using Adobe Flash technology to design your pages will probably make them attractive, it is not ideal for reasons of smart phone or tablet compatibility and usability issues as well as search engines not being capable to index and recognise Flash, producing problems when ranking your site or blog.

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