will-powerMany of us who tried to create and grow home based Internet business have discovered that it is not an easy task. People found that it was all to easy to appear to keep busy throughout the day but accomplish very little in the end. So, is it the will power that is lacking?

We keep getting distracted by things around us and when there’s nothing obvious to steer our mind away from the task at hand, our thoughts wander. We will try and jump onto the next thing, possibly even finish another little task making us feel good in the short term.

According to one recent research where 2 different groups of people were presented with 2 different dilemmas where group A didn’t have to use any will power to accomplish it and group B had to use will power to over come the temptation of eating cookies in this example.

When both groups were presented with the puzzle to solve, the group B that had to use it’s will power in the previous test were much quicker to give up on a task.

This interesting finding suggests that group B participants used-up all their will power when tempted with warm cookies that they had none left when it came to accomplishing a task afterwards.

Does this mean that will power alone is not the key? What is the reason that most home run online businesses fail within 4 years, is it the lack of will power? What is the key ingredient to a successful Internet business?

My answer to this is what I call a ‘want power’. Everyone trying to achieve any goal that includes starting your own business and getting out of that soul destroying corporate machine or another job that you dread (I was in that situation!) actually needs some of this want power.

So instead of ‘training’  your brain to do something on will power alone, you need to make the list of things as to WHY you want to accomplish a certain goal. Spending more time with your family, loving what you do, being able to go on a vacation would be some of the reasons why you WANT your online home based business to succeed.

Reminding yourself of these reasons why, every morning will get you closer to your goal much quicker than any other generic and general technique of will power that could only help you accomplish short term goals and not keep you focused in the long run.

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