Customer relationship management is without a doubt a critical aspect of project management. As a project manager, you will have to deal with different individuals with varying beliefs and unique personalities from time to time. As the head of the team, you’re expected to take care of your clients’ demands every step of the way. When you miserably fail to exhibit customer handling prowess, every SEO project is put in serious jeopardy.

Obviously, your relationship with your clients influences the success of your SEO projects. Do you want to know how you can avoid possible conflicts with your clients? Do you want to learn how they reach out to service providers like you? Well, start the learning process by learning more about 2 client personalities you may face every now and then:

Low tech clients: Low tech clients have difficulties comprehending the entire process of web site design and SEO. When facing low tech customers, be ready to answer a multitude of questions from time to time. To save yourself from a daily barrage of inquiries, choose to submit written reports and explanations to these clients. Avoid technical jargon when interacting with low tech clients.

In-a-hurry clients: These clients want everything done in an instant. They want top SEO rankings in a matter of days. They require website completion in an hour. In-a-rush clients are workaholics, and they want you to be the same. Sometimes, you need to tell them that their requests are impossible and inconsiderate, but always do so in a light way. The only advantage of collaborating with these clients is that they pay on time.

If you want proficient SEO project management, you need to reach out to your customers in the most effective manner. By utilising SEO tools, you sure can elevate your CRM experience to a whole new level. Rely on a reputable SEO tool to nurture your existing client relations!

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